How to Harmonize Mind and Body – Piecing the Jigsaw Puzzle of Life Together


Learning how to harmonize mind and body is important. It’s empowering. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your life and gives you control. But, it’s easy for the issues and difficulties of life to create problems and to de-harmonize how you feel, creating shaky foundations of your very existence.

how to harmonize mind and body

Learn how to harmonize mind and body

Take a good look at your life as it is right now. Do you feel out of sorts? Do you feel as if life is passing you by? What has happened to make you feel this way now or, have you felt like this for a long time. Understanding why you feel a certain way i.e. recognizing the trigger point is vital. Then, you can implement change. But, to do so, you need to know what type of changes to make.

Keep a stress diary

Stress is often at the back of any niggling doubts or the cause of uncertainties of life. It’s all too overwhelming at times and you can guarantee that it’s not just one problem that is occurring but a multitude. Stress, whether minor or significant can nip away at your heels, irritating, but not always demanding full attention. If stressors begin to multiply, then, you are in trouble as it can be difficult to ascertain what to deal with first.

Identifying these stress triggers may not be easy. Your mind may settle for the easy option. You may latch onto one idea and blame this. You may not be able to clear your mind sufficiently to comprehend the main cause or, how to sort it. A stress diary will provide a great deal of insight into you as a person and will teach you how to harmonize mind and body. You’ll understand the types of stresses that affect you the most and also, which ones you can deal with and eradicate quickly.

Relationship issues

A good way to comprehend how to harmonize mind and body is to look at the relationships around you. These need not be intimate relationships but, those who are closest to you. As we go through life, we often change our circle of friends, not perhaps deliberately but through circumstance and, through the directions of life. Some friends remain so, but, the connection between you may feel very different. Other friends change due to life events and some friendships become closer and more meaningful as a result.

But, there may be people around you who upset the intricate balance of life and who detract from your well-being and equilibrium. Understanding what is happening with these friends may make you question whether they remain close to you. You may gradually step away from them.

Equally, a romantic partner can bring escalate issues and these need to be adhered to. Living in a de-harmonized setting can create a vast array of issues. It could impact self-esteem, cause arguments and may result in misunderstandings and even, hostility. Although many issues can be resolved amicably when tackled in the right way, when emotional feelings fluctuate, it’s easy to say things that can never be unsaid.

Work place issues

We spend so much of our time in the workplace that if we are not careful, the work-life balance can easily be interrupted. Rising pressures, more work, less pay or, no pay rise at all can create feelings of resentment – understandably. But there may be more pressures gathering in the background. These may fuel feelings of stress and include striving for promotion, political agendas, lack of communication and unstable work environments. There may be training demands or, perhaps you have to cope with difficult colleagues. All these things combined create an unstable and potentially, unhappy environment.

Due to the hours spent in the workplace, this will most definitely impact health and well-being. In addition, if you are in a position of authority, you may still carry these pressures with you when you go home at night. This is because you take the emotions of the day and the stress with you. This is unhealthy as you need to have a break from workplace issues and to let go of the conflicts of the day.  

Learn how to harmonize mind and body with meditation

how to harmonize mind and body

Meditation is probably the most wonderful, free resource available to you. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to meditation or not, there is so much to gain from practicing regularly. There are numerous styles of meditation and so, there will be one style or more that resonates with you. You will learn how to harmonize mind and body. It will be a little like piecing together jigsaw pieces to complete the picture and making sense of your world.

When you consider just the elements listed here, you will see how all these pieces make up the fabric of your life. They are all separate and yet, a part of the whole. You must consider this when you are trying to gain control of your life. Each part brings its own stresses and strains and if left unresolved, will chip away at your well-being. It will de-harmonize the whole.

This is why meditation can be used not just to de-stress, although this is a wonderful benefit of meditating, but it can help you to make sense of a sometimes, crazy world. Meditation is so flexible, and it help you to create a stable environment for yourself, whether you have work-related or relationship issues. In fact, the benefits affect every aspect of life, helping you to feel calmer, more in control and at peace with yourself. This is hugely significant if your life is stressful and if you are trying to gain control of difficult emotions or circumstances.

How to harmonize mind and body the easy way

how to harmonize mind and body

Meditation is not difficult. It just takes practice. In the first instance, practice for five minutes or even less if your attention wanders too much. It can be useful to start with a meditation to de-stress you and one that may help to relax your whole body. Use a guided meditation CD if you struggle to switch off from outside stressors. The concept of meditation is not to control the mind, but to be able to tune out of the problems of life. It’s about clarity. You learn to relax the mind and body, re-connecting the two, understanding who you are and what you need. Meditation can provide you with unique insight into who you are.

But meditation goes beyond daily stressors. When you meditate properly and regularly, you learn how to harmonize the mind and body the easy way. You reconnect, you can strip back the years, turn back the clock, greet your inner child, deal with unresolved issues or, work out what you want or don’t want in life. It can be used to boost well-being, it can be used to let go of stress or anxiety.

You can overcome negative thought patterns, deal with the monkey mind which is common when thoughts are jumbled and will not remain quiet. You can embark upon a more holistic journey through identifying emotional or physical needs and let go of inner turmoil. Use meditation as a way of diffusing anger or hostility towards others and learn how to deal with inner feelings of conflict. You can also promote healing from the inside out. This can increase your ability to resist the stresses of life and to respond to situations in a positive way rather than regretting actions fueled by an emotional surge. 

There are meditation and relaxation classes available on a global basis. Or, you could sign up for an online membership for yoga which will provide videos for both meditation and yoga. Both of which will help you to boost your health. This way, you ground yourself against the difficulties of life.

Mindfulness meditation

how to harmonize mind and body

Mindfulness meditation is another wonderful type of meditation that helps you to press the pause button in life. This gives you a chance to breathe. It enables you to reset yourself so that you can deal with situations as they arise. It provides an easy way of making the most of your life. Of course, it makes perfect sense to do just this. Instead of being frantically pulled in numerous ways by workplace stressors or by the demands of home-life, somehow, by switching your mindset to the present, you can gain greater control in life.

You experience life as it really is. It offers new clarity. A new way of being, and a new way of making sense of all that is happening around you. Regular practice of just a few minutes throughout the day can instill a feeling of contentment and of being in control of your life. It’s about being present, engaged in the here and now and that’s empowering.

If you want to learn how to harmonize mind and body, you just use meditation. It boosts self-esteem, strengthens your immune system and creates the positive foundations of change. Slowly and surely, your life will start to feel amazing. You’ll see and feel all the different factions of life start to become balanced, joining together.