I can only imagine what the world would be like without grandparents. Growing up with both sets of grandparents, I consider myself very lucky because we all live in the same neighborhood. It was very easy for us to spend time with them, though the downside was we never got to travel. A fair trade, if you ask me. Affectionate Granddaughter and Grandparents Playing Outside At The Park.Credits: Adobe Stock

More often than not, grandparents are unappreciated and neglected, which is very sad considering that they are literally like our second set of parents. Here are the reasons why I think having grandparents are awesome:

Grandparents are there when your parents can’t be

I remembered occasions when my parents couldn’t make it during school plays. However, my grandparents were there to support me all the way through.

Perfect weekend getaways

Grandparents are experts when it comes to spending quality time with their grandchildren. My grandfather was into outdoor activities, like walking, backpacking or camping. We just love how he includes my two brothers and me on camping trips. My grandmother, on the other hand, was excellent with stories. She could captivate us for hours with stories from her childhood.

The most awesome cookies in the world

My grandmother loves to bake muffins, cakes, and cookies. The good thing was that her kitchen never seems to run out of goodies. She always manages to bake just enough for us kids.

Great patience when teaching grandchildren new things

Grandparents have high tolerance levels when it comes to their grandchildren. My grandparents were very patient with me when teaching me new things. It was my grandfather who thought me how to play the guitar and my grandmother who helped me with math.

Personal confidant

When I was a teenager, and you know what a teenager is like, my grandmother would always listen to my ramblings. I was able to express myself without fear that she would tell my secrets to my parents. I could trust her with my life. She seems to understand me better than anyone else.

Best cheerleaders in the world

My grandparents were able to attend to all my ball games. Even though I was not the team’s star player, for them I always felt like the only star they needed.

My grandparents were the best, and I could not imagine the world without them. Imagine the things I would have miss if I didn’t have them.

That is why right now I am doing all I can to be careful with my health practices so that I can be a great grandfather too for my future grandchildren. I make sure that I am taking good care of myself by eating right and living healthy.

Exercise is highly recommended to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The results are limitless, the benefits are significant. Not only are you getting a toned body, but your overall health, emotional and mental state is also healthier. That is why as early as now; I am taking care of myself so I can be a good grandparent for my future grandchildren.

I don’t want them to grow up without knowing what it’s like to have a grandma or grandpa.  

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