Boot Camp Moves are not just to entice Men – but also to exhaust them for Wellness Sake



Boot Camp Moves

Oh yeah, boot camps are not just for girls or for men to watch for wellness sake. It is even highly recommended for the stronger specie because these exercises are concentrated on building muscular strength, prolonging endurance and enhance cardiovascular wellness. They are also fat-burning routines. Equipment is not necessary and venue can be indoors or outdoors depending on the size of the group if you don’t want to do it alone. See Boot Camp moves here:

[VIDEO]: Don’t shock your ligaments! Observe how these easy to follow intermediate to advance Boot Camp workouts are done first before jumping on to kick ass routines.

Get ready to trim down and be snappy – but don’t get carried away yet. Check which level you belong before you start then do a warm up. Note that it’s a nonstop activity but quick pause during intervals should be acceptable. Duration per routine should be between 30 seconds to a minute. Here are alterations for the exercises on video and additional steps that are tougher:

Squat Jumps to Overhead

Performing squat jumps which is a plyometric exercise (jump training) is easy. Just put attention to details to avoid painful muscles. Stand with feet apart which are in line with your shoulders. Get down lower as if you are going to sit. Once already in a squat, jump up with feet off the floor. Absorb body weight moderately and land with toes first. Feet soles heels would then follow. Repeat for as many as will take you 30 seconds to at least a minute. (This is demonstrated in the video)

However, if you want it tougher, move hips forward and upward while up on air during jump. Upon landing, kick right leg up and put left hand across to meet right foot as it is launched upwards. You can really feel the twist.

Pushups to a Twist

Of course you know pushups. It addresses the pectoral muscles, shows off triceps, broadens shoulders and tightens core. To make it a bit challenging, give it a twist. As usual, go down into the floor to do the regular pushup. Once up, raise one hand from the ground up into the air. Turn body sideways, and feet should be on top of each other. Go back to starting position before doing the same to the other side.

Reverse lunge to a stretch

On a standing position with feet shoulder-width apart, bring right foot to step back into reverse lunge positioning. Do this while both arms are raised stretching up pass your head then lean back. Return to the initial standing position and repeat this five times before turning to the other side.

You can also do the walk lunge by stepping one foot forward the farthest possible. Lower down back knee closer to the floor. Front knee must not go over the toe. If it does, try to step farther away. Alternate legs as you repeat process for 8 to 15 sets for each leg.

Square Sprints to High

Also known as high-intensity “anaerobic” exercise, sprints can raise the heart rate higher to the fat-burning level quickly. Speed and other cardiovascular functions are also leveled up by sprinting. To do this, sprint or run 25 yards to complete at the quickest time possible. At the end, squat down low then step sideways on your right and proceed to the next 25 yards. Jog backwards for another 25 yards. Then step sideways on left for 25 yards more. Make sure that you are moving in a square so that you’ll end up in the starting point. Since this can be tough for many, rest for a couple of minutes then repeat at least three circuits.

It is easy to burn 500 calories just by following the video or more if you do the improved steps. Remember that by doing this in regular basis your strength in the whole body will be stronger. It also increases your metabolism so, surely a perfect way to stay fit even if you have rest days in between if you are for wellness.

Source: Dangerouslyfit