6 Biggest Shoulder Workout Lessons Learned


If you want to have the biggest shoulders you can possibly have then you should start by avoiding the big shoulder workout mistakes most commonly induced that hold back your results. In this video, I’m going to show you the 6 biggest shoulders workout mistakes that Jesse was making that were preventing him from packing on noticeable sizing on his delts. By learning what he was doing incorrect he was able to significantly speed up the rate that he was building his shoulders.

First thing he learned was that it was important to lower the weight and leave the ego at the door when training delts. The reason for this is that the shoulders tend to get overpowered during lifts by assisting muscle groups that take over the brunt of the work. If you let this happen then the amount of actual run being done by the shoulders is minimise and the ultimate growth potential of the delts is minimise. Lift lighter and focus on the contraction of the muscles you are actually trying to work and you will be surprised at how much faster the gains come.

Next thing was the use of unconventional shoulder exercisings. It isn’t only about pressing and lateral raises when it comes to building bigger shoulders. In fact, there are some limitations to such an approach that simply can’t be replaced without the use of the lesser known or performed shoulder exerts like the crush grip dumbbell press out and hip huggers. Assure Jesse demonstrate them and start using them yourself along with your staple exerts for greater results.

Speaking of workouts, many will avoid the more boring shoulder rotator cuff run when developing their shoulders. This is a mistake. The rotator cuff not only works to counteract the upward pulling of the deltoid on the humerus but it helps to improve the overall posture of the shoulders which gives your physique the illusion of more sizing. Not to mention, the incorporation of rotator cuff exercisings will keep your shoulders healthy for a very long time and in the gym where you can continue to pack on size.

The stretch position of the deltoids is one that is rarely investigated when doing traditional shoulder workouts and workouts. For instance, when you are doing a side dumbbell create your limbs start and finish in the position next to your thighs. In order to stretch the middle head of the delt however, you would need to bring the arm across midline. You can do that with the side lying dumbbell lateral raise as well as the cable sword create demonstrated here. You can also reach the front delt by bringing the arm behind the body into extension.

If you are going to train heavy, which you better be if you want to get maximal development of the shoulders, then you will wishes to do so safely. In Jesse’s case, he had a seriously healed clavicle fracture and bone chips in his elbow that were inducing overhead pressing instead unproductive. I show him the value of landmine pressing for build bigger shoulders and using heavy weights, without the side effects or limitations that were coming through other presses.

As you can see, there is a lot to learn when it comes to building bigger shoulders if you are willing to learn from the mistakes and revelations of others. If you are looking for a complete workout program and meal plan( the same one Jesse is using to pack on size fast) be sure to head to http :// athleanx.com and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Start developing like an athlete and looking like one in the next 90 days.

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