The wedding day is meant to be all about you and the person you love. You do everything right, follow the usual traditions, make sure everything is perfect.

And of course, flowers are a huge part of the wedding. But these bridesmaids had a better idea. Instead of flowers, they held rescue puppies.

Flowers are old-fashioned anyway, and the puppies will surely bring the mood up. Flowers can’t do that.

The beautiful bride, Sarah Mallouk Crain, works for the Pitties Love Peace rescue organization. It seems natural for her to be different help the puppies as well.

Both Sarah and her husband love animals and have three rescue dogs of their own. They even foster dogs waiting for a forever home too.

When they decided to spend their lives together, the idea of puppy bouquets seemed a perfect fit to the wedding.

So instead of flowers, the bridesmaids were posing with cute puppies:

Caroline Logan was responsible for taking the wedding photos. She beautifully captured every one of the six puppies who were a part of the wedding.

The wedding

“Having the puppies involved in the wedding brought so much additional joy to Matt and Sarah’s day.”

“Though they weren’t a part of the ceremony, they were involved in their portrait time.” – Source.


The puppies were rescued when they were under a week old, and just 7 weeks later they were posing with the bridesmaids.

“The puppies of course caused the photos to be extra natural, candid, and carefree — exactly what I strive for in my work,” Logan said. “The wedding party was loving all the puppy snuggles.”

Biggie Smalls is one of the lucky pups who attended the weeding. The 9-week-old pit bull mix puppy was rescued from the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

This turned out to be a great idea! The puppies are way more adorable than flowers. The photo session went as planned.

The puppies behaved well and there were no accidents on someone’s dress.

It’s great to see how this couple found a way to help the puppies, even on their special day.

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