Grilled Chicken Wings – The Secret to Grilling Perfect Crispy Chicken Wings


This video will teach you how to cook “fried ” Chicken Wings on a charcoal grill. They’re so crispy, you’ll swear they came here right out of the fryer!
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1. The 3 parts of a chicken wing- the wingtip, wing( wingette ), and drummy( drumette)

2. How to trim a chicken wing

3. How many wings are eaten on Superbowl Sunday – it’s really unbelieveable!

4. An awesome recipe for chicken wing seasoning scratch – http :// chicken-and-pork-seasoning-jojo-rub /

5. How long to cook wings on the grill for a crispy texture

6. The perfect place for grilling wings in a charcoal kettle grill

7. What to do while your wings are grilling( Spoiler alert- Drink beer and watch the game !)

8. How to cook simple and ridiculously good chicken wings( of course)

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