What’s The Religious Status Of Aging Baby Boomers?


Generally speaking, we tend to sew our wild oats while young. Then when we get older, and hopefully wiser, we settle down to matters of faith. Is this true of baby boomers? baby boomers religion

Do you remember the family Bible? It was stuffed with pictures of confirmations, weddings and family reunions. Often times, it was used only to record births, deaths, marriages and military service.

However, for some of us it was an active part of our everyday existence. We didn’t just have a family Bible, we had two or three different versions in the house and everyone had their own copy.

Faith was a big deal in the 50s and 60s. And our parents didn’t leave a whole lot to chance. We were Christians. At least we went to church several times each week and learned our memory verses.

Today, many boomers desire a deeper, more personal connection to their faith. They see their roots as formal and organizational but lacking in personal meaning.

For those who have ventured outside of Christianity, exploration of New Age, Buddist, and Hindu practices figure prominently. 

Will baby boomers find their way back to the church pews?


baby boomers relgion

Yes and no. While many boomers never left the roots of Christianity they’re expressing their practice of it with updated methods.

Many attend church services for overall connectedness but join small-group studies and prayer meetings, in people’s homes, throughout the week. These close-knit circles open avenues for discussion and mutual support that do not happen in the church building.

Boomers are also becoming members of ministry teams such as feeding the homeless, helping unwed mothers and assisting with short-term mission endeavors at home and abroad.

Boomers who heard the gospel but rejected it while young, are turning their gaze to matters of faith. But some say this is a natural process of aging.

However, others believe it’s due to the welcoming arms of modern Christianity. Gone are the days of ritual formality. Now we come as we are in dress and lifestyle. 

If you’re a churchgoer, think about the changes you’ve seen over the years. How are things different for your grandkids than when you were growing up?