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Throughout The Big Bang Theory, we have seen many great reuses of older concepts from the show. Season 10 is no different and last night’s episode The Property Division Collision delivered.  The overall plot of the episode focuses around Sheldon and Leonard dividing up their nerdy memorabilia.  Of course, this proved extremely difficult with Sheldon believing he should get everything.  The two of them then decide to go to battle to get back at one another.  One object that was brought up in the settlement was the official flag of apartment 4A.

History of Apartment 4A Flag

We see the flag pop up a few times in passing throughout the show.  One notable moment is in The Staircase Implementation (S3EP22).  When Leonard is having a flashback of him signing the roommate agreement, Sheldon gives him a miniature version of the flag. 

FlagThe apartment flag is displayed behind the coach in Fun with Flags by youtube.com

The flag itself is noted to be blue with a lion’s coat of arms.  It has a very England look about it and is similar to some coat of arms we see in history books. 

When Raj moves in, we see the lion symbol again.  Though Raj did not warrant a whole flag and only got a pin instead. 

It was once mentioned that Sheldon made the flag and tried to declare the apartment a sovereign nation.

The Flag’s Rebirth

Though we have seen the flag standing in the background when Sheldon films Fun with Flags, we never really get the full frontal.  In episode 10, Leonard calls Sheldon out for taking everything for himself. Sheldon then insists that Leonard picks one thing.  As a result, Leonard picks the one thing that would bother Sheldon the most: the apartment flag.

FlagLeonard gets back at Sheldon by wearing the flag in The Property Division Collision (S10EP10) by tvfanatic.com

Sheldon points out Leonard does not even know what it means.  To which Leonard responds that the blue is Sheldon being miserable and the “lion sticking its tongue out” is Leonard not caring.

One of the best moments from the episode occurs later and also involves the flag.  Leonard is seen doing laundry with no clothes on.  Instead, he simply has the flag wrapped around him in a toga fashion.  When Sheldon questions him, he pulls his boxers off and puts them in the washer as well. 

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