What To Do When Your Grandkids Start Asking You For Money


As grandparents, we love to pass a few dollars into the hands of our grandkids now and then. But how do we respond when they come asking for it?

when your grandkids ask for money

I have a herd of grandkids and if I didn’t restrain myself through all the birthdays and Christmases, I’d be broke. However, I do love to see their little eyes light up when they get five bucks to spend on snacks.

As they grow, so do the amounts I give until they cap off at $25.00 each. It’s not that I couldn’t sometimes give more but I choose not to. Why? Because I see the bigger picture of the year ahead. I’ll want to spend again on those occasions that I have just one grandchild along at mall or to help support a fundraiser for camp.

And when it comes time for that first car, prom dress, or graduation, I don’t want to be empty-handed. 

However, there are other boundaries and honestly, they can be sticky to navigate.

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