Always remember that there’s a part of you, this inner self, and you can access it whenever you want. It is your true essence and it was placed within you at birth. As we age, we are conditioned, we are programmed to see our faults, to judge and to condemn ourselves.

How Do You Find Your Higher Self?

But our higher self is always there, within us. Guiding us, helping us along the way. It’s the part of you that is always one with source. During those times, when you make decisions that alter your life for the better, that is your higher self helping you. It’s the part of you that is showing you who you truly are.

Meditation helps to release this part of you. Through meditation, you’ll begin to dissolve the ego. You’ll learn about the process of letting go. Your mind will fight against you most of the time. But when that voice overcomes that doubt, and you realize that sense of power, that is your higher self shining through.

Nothing can be done to extinguish the light within you. There is always that golden ray of light, shining from deep within your heart. It is your own true essence and it has been guiding you since it came down to you at the inception of your soul.

Where is Your Higher Self?

When you travel down the avenue of the heart, not the mind, you are being guided by your essence. Your essence is compassionate, forgiving and always loving to you. It sees the truth about who you are.

higher-self-heather-calderonYou must learn to cultivate this essence through a deep and profound appreciation for yourself. There is no one that can take this from you. Meditation and prayer, loving affirmations and self healing, will allow your own true essence to be released.

Only you are stoppping yourself from having what you want. No one else is capable of stopping you. And it is in the moments that your higher self takes over, that you break through obstacles and overcome challenges.

Indeed, your life will be what you make of it. It’s important for you to take time each day to connect to this part deep within you. As you learn to listen to it, to cultivate a relationship with it, your life will change forever.

Day by day, your plans will grow and you will gain momentum. You’ll understand that your hopes and dreams can come true. At your highest version of yourself, there are no limits, there is nothing stopping you and no one can truly hurt you.

You Are One With Source

It’s important to realize that your higher self is one with source, one with god. And one with all there is in this universe. It’s important to recognize that you always have this higher self within you. However, it’s important to remember that limitations only exist in your mind. When you meditate, listen. Since if you listen long and deep enough, your higher self will begin to speak to you.

It will tell you who you are and why you are here. Even now as you read this, you can truly feel the highest version of yourself shining through. Lastly, listen to your higher self, listen to it and remember that you are always safe and always protected. I know this was a little different than many of the other posts I’ve written, but it’s important to be reminded sometimes of who you are and how powerful you truly are.

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