How to throw a perfect curveball in Pokémon Go


If you are just starting out Pokémon Go and have been reading through our Pokémon Basics article series, you might have already read our previous article on how to gain XP bonuses when catching Pokémon. Besides the nice, great, and excellent catch bonuses (which is dependent on where in the catch ring that Poke Ball landed) – you can also get a special catch bonus by throwing a curveball.

Why throw curve balls?

You might be tempted to do a straight line throw and finish fast in catching your Pokemon – but holding off and doing a curve ball has great benefits as a trainer. Curve Balls are more likely to land in the center of the radar ring and nab you the Great and Excellent bonus — which also increases the likelihood that your caught Pokémon will remain in its Poké Ball. The Curve Ball bonus itself, though a paltry 10XP, also gives you a higher chance of catching Pokémon.


How to throw a perfect curveballs? have defined two curve ball techniques which you can implement on your next Pokemon catch!


The Super Spin Curve Balls

For the super spin, you’ll want to spin the Poké Ball in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction with your finger until it starts vibrating and sparkling. Which direction you spin largely depends on which hand you’re using — I find spinning counter-clockwise easier with my left index finger, and clockwise easier with my right index finger. (I don’t recommend using a thumb, because you won’t have enough power for the actual throw.)


Once your Poké Ball is vibrating, you’re going to want to flick your finger up the left (clockwise) or right (counter-clockwise) side of your screen; how far up and the speed at which you flick depends on the Pokémon’s distance. If you want to picture it, you’re basically tracing a J (counter-clockwise) or L (clockwise) on the screen.

This move takes a bit of practice, but once you master it, you’ll find you rarely waste Poké Balls in throwing.


Personally, I find the Curve Ball more useful for long-distance Pokémon; for closer Pokémon, I use the method below: the arc.

The Arc Curve Balls


This is a slightly harder Curve Ball to master, but you’re far more likely to get the 10XP “Curve Ball” bonus and a higher likelihood of Pokémon capture.


To achieve the arc, you’re going to use the side of your index finger or thumb, rather than a straight-on throw. When you flick, you’re going to flick your finger at an angle toward the left or right edge of the screen, but at the last second, twist your arc toward the Pokémon.