An Incense is an item in Pokémon GO that can spawn Pokémon for the trainer that uses it. Pokémon GO players will receive their first incense once their trainer level hits 5 and receives more Incenses at levels 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40. Incenses, much like lures, are premium items and will never drop from Pokéstops, more can be obtained from the shop using Pokécoins.

Incenses can be used from the items menu and once used, you will see a trail of smoke surrounding your trainer in the overworld map. Like lures, incenses spawn extra Pokémon for you but unlike lures Incenses are meant for trainers on the move. When you’re stationary, Incenses will spawn a Pokémon for you once every 5 minutes of its 30 minute duration meaning that you’ll get 5 to 6 at most with it, but the faster you move, the more Pokémon the incense will spawn for you. However, the spawn rate has a ceiling of once every 3 minutes and this can be achieved with a minimum speed of 3 meters per second meaning that is maxed out, every incense will spawn a maximum number of 9 or 10 Pokémon for you.

Incenses can be used in a combo with Lure Modules so a large number of Pokémon will spawn for the trainer. This tactic, while very effective, reduces the incense’s output for you since you will have to be virtually stationary to stay within the range of a Pokéstop with a Lure Module. If you can find 2 or 3 Pokéstops all with lures and near each other, you can maximize the lure’s and incense’s effects by walking in between the Pokéstops while having your incense active. So get out there and walk while using the incense and hatch some Pokémon eggs while you’re at it.

Image Source: Youtube / Game Riot

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