How to Get and Use Poké Balls


One of the most important items in Pokémon Go, if not the most important itself, is the Poké Ball. Poké Ball is used to capture Pokemon which you encounter as you walk around your community and stay glued to lures.

Poké balls can be obtained in different ways:

Progress rewards

Whenever your trainer levels up (which is likely to happen more when you are at lower level), you will receive Poké Balls as a reward. Other items like potions, incense, revives, egg incubators and razz berries can also be acquired when levelling up. Our friends in Polygon created a table on levelling up rewards where you can different varieties of Poke Balls: Poké Balls, Great Balls, Ultra Balls and Master Balls.


Visiting PokeStops

PokeStops are real world locations that can be visited through Pokémon Go. Pokestops will be located at places such as public art installations, historical markers, monuments, museums, and others. When visiting PokeStops, you can acquire Poké Balls as well as other items like eggs, potions, incense, and others.


In-App Microtransactions

Poké Balls can also be purchased as in-app microtransactions. This means that when you run out of Poké Balls and have real money to spend, you can buy a large amount of Poké Balls through Google Play. Prices are subject to change, but standard of Poké Balls will be relatively cheap. Higher tier of Poké Balls, on the other hand, such as Ultra Balls and Master Balls will be more expensive. Poké Balls can be bought in counts of 50, 100 or 200. The cost per Pokeball will be cheaper when bought in greater amounts.


How to Capture Pokemon with Pokeballs


As players travel within the real world, they will come across wild Pokémon. When a Pokémon is nearby it will show up on the minimap of the user’s Mobile Device. That player must then travel to the Pokémon location and tap the Pokémon to initiate the “capture mode”.


When trying to capture a Pokémon, a user will take aim with his or her smartphone’s touchscreen. By just flicking a finger across the screen, Poké Balls can be thrown at the wild Pokémon. While within this “capture mode”, players can switch between different Poke balls (depending on what Poké Balls are available in inventory).


Throw accuracy is important. If you miss a certain number of times the Pokémon may run away. The Type of Poké Balls that is used is also important. If a Pokémon is too powerful it may break out of the Poké Balls.