We all make mistakes, especially as newbs. More so if the game is familiar yet different like Pokémon GO vs. the main Pokémon games. Especially harrowing is when we make mistakes that we aren’t supposed to or make irreversible mistakes that will haunt us for the rest of the game. Don’t worry though, everybody makes mistakes and in Pokémon GO, we’ve made choices that we didn’t fully understand at the time and yet here we are, fixing them. Here are 5 common mistakes that you probably made while playing Pokémon GO.


Took Too Long to Choose Your Starter

“Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander?” is of the most famous questions Pokémon trainers ask each other. One of our first choices in any Pokémon game is to choose our starter, even in  Pokémon GO, the biggest difference is that in the main Pokémon games, starters cannot just be caught willy-nilly but you can stumble upon a starter in Pokémon GO twice, even thrice in a day. That initial agony of choosing between Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander  (or Pikachu) in Pokémon GO is just a waste of time.


Didn’t Catch A Pidgey Because They Were Too Common

As detailed in our “Here’s why you should keep your Pidgeys” article, Pidgeys are one of the most useful Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Just letting a Pidgey pass by and not catching it is a very common mistake newbs commit. Just because you see a lot of Pidgeys doesn’t mean that you can catch one later, because every candy counts, especially when you want to level up to level 40 as fast as you can.


Hoarded Too Many Pokémon

Somewhat of an opposite to the last point, when you catch Pidgeys, don’t just let all of them sit in your storage and release 100 of them when you’re nearing full capacity. As of this time, transferring a Pokémon to Professor Willow takes time mainly because you need to transfer them one by one. Letting the situation get bad  up to the point where you need a full 10 minutes to transfer them all will bore you to death. Let it be a lesson and remember to transfer 3 Pidgeys every for or 5 you catch.


Threw Away Pokéballs To Make Room For Other Items

When you’re going someplace and pass a lot of Pokéstops, you’d be surprised at how fast your bag fills. One mistake a lot of newbs  do is they throw Pokéballs (especially when they don’t yet have access to Great and Ultra Balls) to make room for more items so they can spin more Pokéstops. You’ll recognize that the fault in this is when they get to use a lot of the Pokéballs on Lure Drop Parties and  immediately regret their decision to throw away the Pokéballs. What you need to learn is that you can throw away the Potions and Super Potions when you have access to Hyper Potions, or just use those up immediately, and unless you’re planning to take down a high prestige gym, limit your revives to 20 or so.

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