POKEMON GO TIP: How to Re-Customize Your Trainer


All RPG players know  that deciding on your character’s name and how they should look is one of the big challenges of any RPG. The 1st 2 hours of any game is jokingly referred to as the character creation time and it has only become harder to decide recently as there are even games that tout how advanced their character creation system is *coughblackdesertonlinecough*. Thankfully Niantic knows our plight and they’ve implemented a feature wherein we can change how our in-game avatar looks at any time.

recustomize-pokemon-go-trainer-1  Some of you will pass out and wake up in 3 hours after seeing this image

 If you ever regret how your Pokémon GO avatar looks, Niantic, being the merciful developers that they are,  have implemented the Customize option to your trainer’s  page. To access it, just follow these steps:

  1. Tap your avatar’s icon on the lower left of your screen
  2. Tap the options icon on the lower right in your trainer’s profile page
  3. Select the customize option and it will take you to the character re-customization screen


Selecting the customize option will take you back to the character creation screen. This is where you can reconfigure how your character looks. You can change almost everything about your character’s looks: Skin color, Hair color, Eye color, Hat color, Shirt design, Pants design, Shoes, Backpack and even your avatar’s gender. Sadly, you can’t change your avatar’s name, but I’d guess that’s a permanent information tied to your in-game ID.


Skyrim Image Source:  GameSkinny