Hatching eggs in any Pokémon game is serious business and naturally, Pokémon GO doesn’t disappoint in that field. Hatching eggs looks really simple, just put it in an incubator and walk, but what you don’t know are these tricks that will help you maximize your egg-hatching experience.

Don’t Go Too Fast

Everyone who’s played Pokémon GO on a car or train has seen that message we hate, “You’re going too fast” Pokémon GO tells you.  Well, there’s one more reason to hate this message: when you’re biking (or walking) to hatch eggs movement that’s faster than 10.5 kilometers per hour will not count towards your distance travelled.


Travel In a Straight Line

As amazing our GPS and Tracking technology is, Pokémon GO hasn’t perfected how to track us yet. Some users have reported that Pokémon GO doesn’t track them too accurately, players speculate that instead of tracking your every move, Pokémon GO uses the shortest distance between your last recorded position with your current one and adds that to your distance travelled. Moving in the straightest line possible is one way to make Pokémon GO acknowledge every step you made.


Secure Your Phone

Security measure should also be considered, of course, cell phone theft is an issue. But the possibility of dropping and breaking or losing your phone should be entertained too. Consider investing in a protective case and phone straps so that if you ever trip while running ro walking, your phone will be safe and won’t get lost.


Save Your Incubators

It may sound tempting to use your level up reward incubators immediately but you should save them instead. If you buy incubators from the shop or stockpile your free incubators, you can save yourself a lot of walking by using them all at once. If you decide to hatch all 9 eggs with 9 incubators, you’ll only need to walk as far as the highest distance egg you have instead of walking more if you use your incubators as you get them.


Use your incubators wisely

Typically, you get way more 2 km and 5 km eggs than 10 km eggs. The higher the distance, the better chances you have of hatching a super rare Pokemon. You can’t just ignore your 2 and 5 km eggs and hatch 10 km eggs, though, because you have limited space and the lower distance eggs will fill your bag up quickly. You only get nine egg spaces, after all, and eggs can’t be deleted.

So, you need to get rid of those lower mileage eggs as quickly as possible to make sure you leave room for 10 km eggs. Since it takes more time to hatch a 10 km anyway, pop those in your infinity incubator. Put your smaller mileage eggs into the limited use incubators and get them hatched and out of the way.


Stop Walking

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your distance doesn’t seem to be counted and your eggs just don’t hatch.

The number one reason your egg probably isn’t hatching is server issues. While you’re walking around, make sure the white PokeBall isn’t spinning in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This means that the game is loading or has an error. If the spinning loading ball doesn’t disappear, stop walking and shut down the game. Restart it and see if the loading ball is gone. If so, continue your walk.

Also, make sure your screen is on the entire time you walk. If you let your screen shut off, the game will stop registering mileage.

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