Pokémon GO has been around for a few months and have created and improved bonds of friendships over these little monsters. While all the Pokémon GO players have been glued in their phones catching Pokémon, levelling up and conquering gyms, a lot of tips and tricks have been circulated online for and by players. While not all are true, we have compiled today all of the pieces of advice we have gotten so far that do not work or might even makes things worst for you and your game.

Hatch 10 Kilometer Eggs When You’ve Level Upped

This is simply a baseless rumor. Some people say that hatching 10-kilometer eggs at levels above 30 will definitely give you better Pokémon, but like many other Pokémon games, the contents of an egg is generated when you obtain it, not when you hatch it.


Just Flick at the Screen to Throw a Pokéball

Just throwing your Pokéball at any Pokémon is just bad practice. There are catch bonuses like curveballs and excellent throws where you need to develop skills to consistently get them. Just plain throwing your Pokéball may be fine sometimes but practice makes perfect and you need to practice to get more exp bonuses when you catch Pokémon.


Capture Pokémon as Fast as You Can

Some people will tell you to catch Pokémon immediately because they might run away. What you should do is take careful aim instead of rushing to catch Pokémon. Unless there’s a lot of Pokémon around you, taking your time to throw that excellent curveball is more beneficial because the run away checks only happen when the Pokémon escapes from a Pokéball and is in no way time-based.


Transfer Your Pokémons in Batches

Rumors abound that when you transfer more Pokémon to Professor Willow, he’ll give you more candies the more Pokémon you transfer and this simply isn’t true. What waiting to transfer will do is just bore you to death when you transfer 50+ Rattatas for candies. A good tip for Pidgeys however is keep one for every 4 or 5 you catch, that gives you enough candies to evolve one Pidgey if you’re planning on using the lucky egg and evolve trick.


Hog Your Lures

People keeping lures for themselves is just a bad idea. Whenever you’re going to stay in a place for a long amount of time with some other trainers, consider placing a Lure Module on a Pokéstop within range. Other people might appreciate what you’re doing and keep putting lures onto the Pokéstop after yours has expired. This makes everyone happy and you’ll feel proud that you started a Lure Drop party.

Keep your Razz Berries

To put it simply: Razz Berries are meant to be used! Razz Berries make Pokemon easy to catch and according to TheSliphRoad the shown they give a 1.5 multiplier which is the same as using an ultra ball on a 50% catch chance Pokémon. It is best used when you are catching Pokemon and have a Great Ball or Ultra Ball on hand.

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