POKEMON GO BASICS: How to Level Up as a Trainer

By Jasmin Nato | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-24


In Pokémon GO, not only will your Pokémon level up, so will you. Leveling up your trainer can be done in a multitude of ways some slow and some very fast and we will be touching upon those details in this article.

Experience points for your trainer can be obtained in a lot of ways: by catching Pokémon, by evolving Pokémon, by visiting Pokéstops, winning in gym battles, hatching eggs and even just by capturing a new Pokémon. The amount of experience points you get also differs from each activity, currently, the highest is hatching a 10 kilometer egg awarding 1,000 experience points and the lowest is throwing a curveball or getting a Nice! bonus from catching a Pokémon, both give 10 exp points.

Experience points can also be boosted by using an item called a Lucky Egg, which you unlock first at trainer level  9. The Lucky Egg will double any exp you receive within 30 minutes of using it, meaning that if you used a lucky egg and hatched a 10 kilometer egg before the timer runs out, you’ll get a whopping 2,000 exp points. The lucky egg is a central part in fast level up strategies such as mass evolution and lure + incense combo.

Image Source: Daily Star UK and VG 24/7

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