In Pokémon GO, besides catching Pokémon, you can currently interact with two other things, Pokéstops and Gyms. And this time, we’ll be talking all about Pokéstops. Pokéstops are those blue poles with a Pokéball sign on top of them and these Pokéstops signify local landmarks or art installations and Pokémon GO is encouraging people to travel and experience such landmarks.

Pokéstops on the overworld map give you information and a picture of the landmark that Pokéstop is marking, you only need to tap on one to see what that Pokéstop is about. The Pokéstop’s model in the overworld map will expand to signify that you are close enough to interact with it. To interact with a Pokéstop, you need to tap on it when you are in range and you can swipe the core to the left or right to spin the Pokéstop. If you are successful, the Pokéstop will give you items appropriate to your level, these can be Pokéballs, Pokémon eggs and healing items such as revives and potions, they also give you a small amount of experience points whenever you use one. When you unlock new items such as Razz Berries, Hyper Potions and Ultraballs by leveling up, they can also drop from Pokéstops with a fixed chance.

Pokéstops are very important  to Pokémon GO trainers as you need to stock up on those precious items, especially Pokéballs. Pokéstops can used any number of times and will never run out of items to give you, however, once you have used one, it will turn purple and have a cooldown time of somewhere around 5 minutes and you can only use it again once that five minutes have passed. Do note that Pokéstops will never drop premium items such as Incubators, Incenses and Pokéstop Modules.

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