Another hunting guide, this time in Kansas, was nailed after breaking hunting laws. This is just one instance in a series of illegal hunting incidents.

Hunting has rules, and the court is not lenient to those who break them (photo via Legendary Whitetails Blog) Especially recently, we’ve been seeing quite a few of these, with the yearlong hunting spree in Alaska, the well-known hunting show host and hunting guide who got caught baiting ponds, and even the Robertson’s fellow reality TV show host who was hunting out of season and at night.

It’s sort of getting out of hand.

Now, the owner of a hunting guide company in Kansas recently plead guilty to violating state and federal hunting laws, according to the Associated Press.

HuntingHunting is all cool until somebody crosses the line — this time, that somebody was 35-year-old Josh Hedges, who is now not allowed to hunt for 12 years and who lost his hunting guide business (photo via Huffington Post)

Thirty-five-year-old Josh Hedges admitted he conspired to violate the law by baiting ponds for waterfowl, helping other hunters go over their daily bag limits, and not following federal and state laws regarding tagging, processing or transporting the birds.

Basically, this guy wasn’t just committing one petty little hunting crime — he went for the gold.

The courts sentenced him to five years’ probation and ordered that he pay $15,000 in restitution.

Hedges, who owns Eagle Head Outfitters, is not allowed to hunt, trap, or even guide for 12 years and will no longer be a part of his company.

So seriously, people, don’t be stupid — don’t do anything even remotely illegal while hunting. Or else you could end up losing your ability to hunt for a long, long time.

In the below video, you can watch the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty hunting the right way — proficiently and legally.


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