The question if the Governor and Negan were to fight who would win?

governor vs negan

Out of 6 Seasons of the Walking Dead, there have been countless zombies, bad guys and villains. Most of them, unlikely to pose a real threat to Rick and his crew. Zombies are like cock roaches, and most the regular bandits are complete jackasses with a few exceptions sprinkled throughout the series. So far, if you ask me, Carol has probably been the most badass of anyone on the show, she’s great at baking too.

Even though most of the run of the mill bad guys in the series end up getting their asses handed to them fast, there are two villains who deserve a standing ovation from all other villains across the globe.

The Governor, played by David Morrissey was brought to life in season 3 and gave the gang a long run of pain and struggle before he was offed in season 4. He was vile, two faced and had a weird thing for walkers. Plus, his undead daughter being chained up while he caressed her was f#cking weird to put it softly.

Now, with the Walking Dead season 7 coming up, we have Negan. Negan came into the show gangster as f#uck. The barbed wire wrapped baseball bat is his weapon of choice and he is lethal with it. He’s got a nasty mouth on him and genuinely takes pleasure inflicting serious pain onto anyone perceived as a threat or weak. Unfortunately for us and very fortunately for Rick, Negan and the Governor never crossed paths. They didn’t in the comic book either. My question is what if they had? Who would have won ad what kind of battle would it have been?

According to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, it would have been no contest.

Negan would have bashed the Governors face in without mercy. Why does he believe that? Because Negan is intelligent, methodical, unfiltered and relentless. He’s also got a fearlessness equivalent to that of a rabid pitbull who’s been eating cocaine and gunpowder, mixed with kibbles and bits and steroids.

The Governor was a nut job, there’s no denying that. But crazy doesn’t mean you can take out anyone. Especially someone like Negan. I think if you look at it, it’s obvious. The Governor was great at delegating and coming up with weird, super-villain like kill situations. Negan, not so much his style.

He’d rather just smash out your teeth with his baseball bat then mix your mushed up head with whatever surface you were laying on after wards.

Now, this is only an opinion of the man who plays Negan so it could be a bit biased and I definitely agree with him. Now, since this is not the Walking Dead and Negan is not real, you have ZERO risk of voicing your opinion on the matter. So please do that, ‘LIKE’ ‘SHARE’ and ‘COMMENT’ below with your thoughts as to who the toughest Walking Dead Villain is to date.

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