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 One of the more interesting things I have come across in my research on the popular TV sitcom the Big Bang Theory, is that a lot of fans have questions about a so-called “Big Bang Theory conspiracy”. This is not to be confused with the controversy of Illuminati imagery in the theme song. That’s an article for another day. However, this conspiracy theory does also include the theme song in a different way.

Now days, it seems like a new conspiracy theory for a television show or film comes out every week. Some people may be annoyed by other people trying to change the mediums they love. But I actually love fan made conspiracy theories. They are fun to read and think about, they get people thinking, and they enable the creator to well, get creative.

My research on the Big Bang Theory’s conspiracy lead me to a Cracked video article. Basically, what the employee of Cracked is saying is that the end of the world will be brought on by the BBT crew, more specifically by Sheldon Cooper. Our video host’s first point is because our leads are in fact geniuses, but they also grew up in an era where it is more acceptable to chase girls and idolize fictional scientific characters instead of real ones.

When you think about it, most of the show is based on relationships and sexual exploits. In one episode, Howard Walowitz programs a machine to help him masturbate. Also, the crew does place a lot of stock in fictional heroes. Think of the episode where Sheldon fanboys over a science themed magician (Professor Proton) that catered to children. The host also points out that Sheldon has the potential to be “this century’s Nicola Tesla, but instead is stuck in a state of man-child.”

Where the theme song comes in to play is the fact that the Barenaked Ladies wrote a song compiling all of human history in a mere of 18 seconds. The theme and imagery is sped up in order to show human advancement and the universe’s growth as “spinning out of control.” The frame of images ends with an explosion and a frame of our main characters. Coincidence?

This theory is quite interesting and would be fun to play with, as it would bring a much darker story to the quirky sitcom. However, it does seem highly unlikely. But really, that is the appeal of pop culture conspiracy theories. They are all in good fun, even if there is no way they could possibly happen.

Besides, with all the exciting things happening in season 10, it would seem highly unlikely that Chuck Lorre and company would suddenly put a darker spin on the show. For example, we have a Walowitz baby on the way. That’s too much of a joyful event to put a dark spin on. Of course, the writers of the Big Bang Theory could be fooling us. Would the show end in such a dark way? What do you think?

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