Are Sheldon And Leonard Getting A New Neighbor?


We know that Bill Gates is guest starring on The Big Bang Theory soon. We also know that Sheldon and Leonard will be getting new neighbors. Could these story lines merge?

Bill Gates To Guest Star

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Bill Gates is set to be the next high-profile guest star of The Big Bang Theory. He joins the ranks of greats like Leonard Nimoy, Wil Wheaton, Stephen Hawking, and many other entertainment and science icons. 

We know that the tech genius’ appearance will come in March. However, not much else has been said about what’s to be expected. Usually, when science, technology, and comic book greats appear on the show, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and even Raj freak out. We have seen them fangirl over countless celebrities. Sheldon even goes so far as to stalk a few. We also know that Bill Gates will be playing himself, not a fictional character. He’s appeared as himself on a comedy before. Gates guest-starred on Frasier 17 years ago.

Despite not knowing much about the big episode, we have a theory. This week Steve Holland addressed rumors that Sheldon and Leonard will be getting new neighbors. Perhaps Bill Gates has been secretly living in their apartment all this time?

New Neighbors

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Last season we saw the boys walk into an empty apartment. They had accidentally walked onto the wrong floor, causing them to believe their things had been stolen. It made for a funny schtick on the show but it also led fans to speculate. If the crew went through the trouble of creating an entirely new and bare apartment, then will that mean that Sheldon and Leonard will be getting neighbors soon?

Steve Holland, a writer at TBBT, informed fans, “Sheldon and Leonard are vying for the head of the Tenants’ Association. And Leonard has to go knock on some apartment doors to do some politicking.” Could this be how Bill Gates is introduced to the show? Of course, Holland said nothing about the guest star at all, but we can only dream. How crazy if he had been down below all this time?

Do you think Bill Gates will make a great The Big Bang Theory guest star?