A Man Tried To Break Into Phil Robertson’s Idaho Hotel Room At 3AM, Then Phil…


There are only a few reasons why you might answer your door wearing only tighty-whiteys…

You’re drunk, you’ve given up on life, or there’s someone trying to break in. Phil was in one of these situations.

Phil and his sons were on a camping trip in Idaho where they stayed in a motel. At about 3 a.m., they heard some noise at their door– then the doorknob began to turn. 

Despite Jase’s disbelief, someone was trying to break in and mug the Robertson men. Maybe the trespasser didn’t realize what they were getting into.

“No one ever tries to mug us — ever,” Jase Robertson said. “They look at us and say, ‘No, it’s not worth it.’”

So Phil, the protector, and patriarch jumped into action. Not having time or reason to put pants on, he approached the door in his underwear.

“My dad sat up with his long beard, wearing his tighty-whiteys and his gun,” Jase recalled. 

Obviously, the guys had guns around — they were on a hunting trip. They don’t expect to ever use a gun on a person, but this may be one of those rare occasions. Phil stood by the door, gun in hand. 

The intruder slowly opened the door. When his face appeared, Phil was ready for him.

Phil Robertson usually only hunts animals, but one time he almost shot a human (source: www.joemygod.com)

“Wrong room!” he yelled. 

The would-be robber threw his hands in the air, frightened out of his mind. He made the right decision and backed out of the room. His plan was foiled.

“He turned into a crawfish and started to back out,” Jase said. “He backed up about 250 yards into the parking lot.”

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty

So that’s how Phil ended up answering the door in his undies. He wasn’t drunk and he certainly still cares about his dignity. An attempted break-in is the only thing that will cause Phil to do such a ridiculous thing.

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