Fans Can’t Stop Quoting This Priceless Raj Line From The Latest Episode


This Week’s New TBBT Episode

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This week’s New TBBT Episode revolved around Raj and Penny becoming gal pals and having a great old time. The joke was just how much Raj gets along with Penny, while poor Leonard felt left out. Raj and Penny took on a bunch of different activities including Yoga, Face masks, wine tasting, and Shopping. This made for some incredible Raj quotes. Here were our favorites.

Lots of men are totally baffled by the idea of a facemask. Plus, the trendy sheet masks popping up in stores today really do look terrifying. However, Raj was fully on board and mesmerized with his new beauty tool.

Raj: I can actually feel the toxins being pulled out of my skin.

Penny: Well this is a moisturizing mask.

Raj: Oh, well then I can actually feel the moisture going into my skin!

He’s The Perfect Friend

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Raj even lets Penny use some of his own beauty products as a fair trade. Plus, he’s awesome because he’s a super complimentary and supportive roommate. He makes Penny feel great.

Penny: Hey I hope you don’t mind I used some of your eye creme last night.

Raj: I thought someone looked brighter and tighter!

Lost In Translation

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Raj has some serious knowledge about yoga, and that’s great because we know from previous episodes that Penny loves yoga. However, something hilarious happened when he tried to bestow some knowledge on Penny. She didn’t quite understand how the whole Sanskrit thing worked.

Raj: You know downward facing dog comes from the sanskirt phrase “Adho Mukha Shavasana.”

Penny: That’s beautiful what does it mean?

Raj: Downward Facing Dog…

We can’t get enough of this relationship. We know it makes Leonard feel left out, but we really hope Penny and Raj continue to be best friends. Poor Raj has probably felt neglected since Howard has had to put all his attention on Halley. We’re glad he’s found a new pal in Penny.

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