Fans May Soon Find Out Where Heath Has Been…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

One of the major unanswered questions from last season was, “Where is Heath?” We hadn’t seen Tara and Heath since the Savior attack and then in “Swear,” we only saw Heath for a few minutes before he disappeared again.

What’s worse is that there was no real indication that anyone was ever looking for Heath. We saw Tara arrive, safe and sound, only to discover that Glenn and Abraham had been killed, but no one started a search for Heath.

Now, however, he may return after all.

Corey Hawkins Now Free To Return As Heath

24 Legacy | Photo Credit Fox

The real reason behind Heath’s extended disappearance likely revolved around the fact actor Corey Hawkins had signed on for another role on Fox. Tara’s character Alanna Masterson also had a child in real life.

Now, however, Hawkin’s show 24: Legacy has been canceled after only one season. The show went from around 13 million views per episode, with the premiere, to only around 3 million views for the finale.

The show was likely very expensive to create as well.

Heath May Return During TWD Season 8

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Cleveland reports:

“The move paves the way for Hawkins to return to “The Walking Dead” and for fans to find out what happened to Heath. Up until this point, Heath’s role on the TV series has been disappointing. He’s been relegated to an obscure side character with a few standout moments.”

“In Robert Kirkman’s comic book, Heath is a major player and one of the few character to still be alive. Heath is one of Rick’s most trusted allies in the wars against the Saviors and the Whisperers. Considering “The Walking Dead” has already begun filming Season 8, I wouldn’t expect to see Heath this fall. But he could return during the season’s second half in the spring.”

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