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The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC After The Walking Dead Season 2, Rick’s character changed due to the death of Shane Walsh. In addition, a new character was introduced which will later become one of the fundamental players in the series.

“Seed” begins eight months after Hershel’s farm is overtaken. Lori is about to have her baby, and the group has their eye on a local prison. While clearing the cells of the prison, Hershel is bitten on the foot by a walker. In order to save his life, they amputate the leg. Outside of the prison, Michonne keeps an eye on Andrea.

Prison Deaths, The Governor, and Baby Judith

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

During the prison fight, the group finds five survivors who they lock up in a different part of the prison. Rick allows some of the prisoners to help him clear the cells, but he ends up having to kill one of them.

Meanwhile, Michonne and Andrea investigate a helicopter crash only to be captured by Merle’s new group and taken to Woodbury. There, they meet the Governor who ends up being quite ruthless.

An alarm goes off at the prison, which attracts walkers and divides the group. T-Dog sacrifices himself to protect Carol. Rick is then forced to kill Andrew because he’s luring in walkers. In the boiler room, Lori has her baby and Maggie delivers. Lori dies during delivery and Carl kills the walker version of his mother.

Michonne discovers the Governor’s secret walkers and chooses to leave Woodbury. Andrea stays behind to learn more, but the Governor sends men after Michonne. Rick starts to lose it after the death of his wife as he makes mysterious phone calls as if Lori is on the other line.

Woodbury, the One-Eyed Governor, and the Dixon Brothers

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Michonne sees Glenn and Maggie searching for baby clothes while hiding from Merle and the Governor’s other men. Merle then abducts Glenn and Maggie. Michonne makes her way to the prison with the baby supplies and Rick spots her outside of the prison fence.

Rick is unsure of Michonne but helps her regardless. She explains Glenn and Maggie’s situation at Woodbury. The Governor interrogates Glenn and Maggie about the prison and she spills the beans when Glenn’s life is threatened. Merle scouts the prison while Rick, Daryl, Oscar, and Michonne look for Woodbury.

Rick’s group rescues Glenn and Maggie, while Daryl discovers his brother is still alive. Michonne attempts to kill the Governor, where she takes his eye and kills his reanimated daughter. Oscar is also killed when Daryl is captured and forced to fight his brother. A new group enters the prison led by Tyreese and his sister, Sasha.

During Daryl and Merle’s fight, Rick and Maggie make their way to Woodbury to free the prisoner Daryl. After a separation, Daryl and Merle end up together and free. Andrea calms the Governor from making any harsh decisions. At the prison, Rick’s group allows Tyreese and Sasha to stay. Glenn wants the new group to leave.

Morgan Lives and Preparing For Battle

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Governor leads a group to attack the prison where Axel dies. Rick’s group holds back the attack on the prison, which makes the Governor retreat. Daryl and Merle arrive in time to save the other prison survivors.

Andrea discovers the news of the prison attack and she runs into Tyreese and Sasha on the way. Milton takes them back to Woodbury. They offer to give up the layout of the prison to stay there. Andrea explains to Rick’s group that the Governor only wants Michonne, but the group tells Andrea she should kill the Governor.

Michonne, Rick, and Carl travel to Rick’s hometown to look for more weapons. There, they discover Morgan is still alive, but his son Duane has been killed. Rick wants Morgan to come back with them. Michonne grows on Rick and Carl.

Andrea prepares for Rick and the Governor to meet. At the face-to-face, the Governor demands for Michonne to be turned over to him. Both groups prepare for battle.

Andrea, The Governor, and Merle’s Death

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Andrea discovers the Governor wants to kill Rick’s group, so she escapes to warn them. The Governor catches her before she makes it to the prison. Back at Woodbury, someone burns the walkers that the Governor has been collecting.

Rick decides he will give up Michonne to the Governor and he asks Merle for help. Merle requests to take her alone, where he decides to let her go. Merle leads a group of walkers to the rendezvous to attack the Governor, but he’s killed on site. Daryl finds his walker brother and is forced to kill him.

In the final episode, the Governor wounds Milton, who then tells Andrea how to escape. The Governor attacks the prison, but Rick’s group is able to ambush them. The Governor kills some of his own people who flee. Rick tries to save Andrea but she’s bitten so she kills herself as the Woodbury survivors are taken to prison.

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