Fear the Walking Dead vs the Walking DeadLove or hate Fear the Walking Dead, it’s here.

Let’s cut the shit though, are the crew from the Walking Dead able to live up to the badassery of Rick Grimes and the crew? I guarantee if you ask any dedicated fan of the original series, they would give a very aggressive, “Hell no!” I am still debating as to their genuine toughness, although the second season of Fear the Walking Dead is making me recalculate the authenticity of the now south of the border crew’s ability to kill the undead.

When it comes to the Walking Dead, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind from day one that Rick could handle a walker.

The same could be said for Daryl, as for Carol and some of the other crew, they’ve developed into their own breed of killer that I never saw coming. On the other hand, the crew from Fear the Walking Dead can sometimes do things that don’t seem so bright to me. For example, in Los Muertos, the carelessness of them in the hotel seamed kind of stupid to me. All bullshit aside, I would have been sitting at the bar too drinking tequila with a general F#ck it attitude. So I can’t really knock them for that.

I would have spent more time making sure the hotel was secure however, something they didn’t spend much time doing. A nice addition to the cast of Fear the Walking Dead is Luciana, she’s come out of nowhere and is a genuinely tough chick. Nick seems to be coming into his own, his lack of the fear of death would definitely go a long way.

Fear the Walking Dead vs the Walking DeadCould Luciana, Nick and Madison take Rick, Carol and Dixon?

The odds may be weighed against the cast of Fear the Walking Dead because of the experience the Walking Dead crew has. Maybe the crew from Fear the Walking Dead are still coming into their own. It is pre-Walking Dead so maybe if you take the crew of the future Fear the Walking Dead Crew and pitted them against the Current Walking Dead Crew there would be more of a chance.

What do you think?

Could the cast who is now doing shots of tequila in Mexico take the crew who is currently battling Negan? I know one thing for sure, there has not been a villain in Fear the Walking Dead who could stand a chance against Negan and his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat. Even though a crossover hasn’t been talked about between the show, maybe someday we’ll get lucky and be able to see for sure. Leave your opinions, comments and thoughts below. Then like and share if you think this is a could topic to talk about.

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