Seth Gilliam Talks Father Gabriel

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

With AMC’s The Walking Dead coming up on its 100th episode, fans, cast, and crew are reflecting on the iconic series that is expected to last a whopping 20 seasons. Gilliam likely got the role on The Walking Dead because the writers loved HBO’s The Wire.

“The supernatural setting allows the humanity of the characters to shine through a little more,” said Gilliam, who stars on The Walking Dead and MTV’s Teen Wolf, which will also hit 100 episodes this year.

Gilliam went on to discuss the human drama in the supernatural worlds.

Actor Talks About Sacrifices On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“The situations of both shows demand high drama and high anxiety, unlike a kitchen-sink drama where people sit around talking about Uncle Benny needing surgery,” said the actor.

“I think the thrill and shock factor and scare factor combined with the humanity of the characters shining through,” said Gilliam. “On The Walking Dead, it was T-Dog sacrificing himself to protect Carol in the prison in Season 2 when he could have easily made it out on his own.”

Gilliam believes there are several characters always willing to put their lives on the line with this AMC hit.

Gilliam Fortunate To Be On Such Great Shows

The Wire | Photo Credit HBO

“I’ve been insanely fortunate to have come across three shows that have such an impact. The Wire continues to resound. I’m sure The Walking Dead and Teen Wolf will have long shelf lives after they are off the air,” he said.

“To be a part of one would be fantastic, but to have three and three very different shows is really fortunate.”

The actor joined The Walking Dead back in Season 5 and most fans hated the character who didn’t seem like he would sacrifice himself for anyone else, despite his role as a Priest. Now, however, fans are starting to truth Father Gabriel.

Did you think you would ever like Father Gabriel’s character?

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