This Robertson Kid Just Hit A Major Milestone


If you feel like you’re a part of the Robertson family, you may get all nostalgic when you hear what their youngest daughter, Bella, did.

Bella Robertson
Bella Robertson (front) is just a little kid in this photo with her family … and now she’s all grown up and moving on with life (photo via Country Rebel)

Thanks to the biggest reality TV show in history, Duck Dynasty, we’ve been able to follow the family’s life and watch their kids grow up. We watched John Luke and Reed go from awkward teenagers to married men. We’ve seen Sadie grow into a woman who’s confident and not afraid to share her beliefs.

The one Robertson kid who didn’t get a lot of screen time and usually doesn’t get a lot of attention is Bella. 

She’s only 14-years-old and she’s starting to drive!

Bella is heading into high school and just started Driver’s Ed, a big step for any teenager. Her grandmother, Chrys Howard (Korie’s mom), posted a photo on Instagram of Bella wearing a huge smile and sitting in the driver’s seat of a car.

Chrys didn’t like this idea at all.

“Seriously not ready for this!!” Chrys says. “Bella. Drivers Ed. No!! They’re all growing up!!!”

Seriously not ready for this!! Bella. Drivers Ed. No!! They're all growing up!!! #lovemygrands #slowdownlife

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Her older sister, Sadie, came back from being on the road at speaking engagements and such and couldn’t believe how much Bella had grown since the last time she saw her.

As Sadie usually does, she posted this momentous life occasion on Instagram. She posted a photo of the two of them standing next to each other.

“When you come home & your little sister is now your twin & driving,” Sadie said in the caption.

They look surprisingly alike. Actually, almost eerily alike.

when you come home & your little sister is now your twin & driving. #woah #wait #what

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Bella also posted a photo from the same shoot but with the caption, “She finally came home:-)))”

Clearly, they love each other.

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