When you’re homeschooled, parents can count pretty much anything as “school.”

This is what happens when two grown men share a fishing boat and one of them stands up (photo via Country Rebel) Going to a theme park is called a “field trip,” reading the books of the Bible count for your English class, and going fishing counts as “life experience.”

This is exactly what Jep and Jessica Robertson did. They decided to homeschool their kids just because of how large their family is and how abnormal their work schedules are. And their kids, Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, and River, don’t seem to mind.

In a new episode of Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty, Jep decides to take his oldest daughters, Lily and Merritt, on what of those aforementioned “field trips.” He takes them fishing — and it ends up being quite a laugh!

Jep, accompanied by Uncle Si and Martin, wanted to teach his girls how to fish. The guys try to teach the kids how to be patient, as a fisherwoman should be. But maybe someone should have taught patience to Jep.

He gets antsy because they weren’t catching anything. 

“If you wanna catch more fish, you put more poles in the water,” Jep says.

While setting up some extra fishing poles, he makes one small misstep right as Martin gets excited about a fish on his line. What happens next was unfortunate for Jep, fortunate for the fish, and a life-long memory for his daughters — he tumbles into the water with a huge splash.

But that’s not all that happens. He loses his keys in the water and desperately looks for them — he fears the wrath of Jennifer, Jessica’s angry alter ego. 

You can watch the full episode on A&E’s website right here.

As an appetizer, you can watch Uncle Si teach the kids how to go jug fishing below.

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