You’ll Never Guess The Walking Dead Star Who Was In This Bill Murray Movie


In 2009, comedic icon Bill Murray starred alongside Robert Duvall in the film, Get Low. The movie has been described as equal parts folk lore, fable, and legend, but amidst the mystery, we spotted a young star from The Walking Dead.

Chandler Riggs | Photo Credit Get Low

At the beginning of the movie, a hermit is minding his business in 1930s Tennessee when a rock breaks his window. Outside, a little boy named Tom, played by Chandler Riggs, ran away so the mean man wouldn’t catch him.

Get Low came out a year before The Walking Dead, so Chandler Riggs was only around 10 years old at the time.

Bill Murray Stars In The Film, Get Low

“You read the paper today? People are dying in bunches, everywhere but here,” said Bill Murray character Frank Quinn. “What are the odds of a funeral home going broke?” he asked.

At this point, the film is set up to showcase a Chicago funeral director (played by Bill Murray) who is down on his luck. Meanwhile, there’s a rich hermit (played by Robert Duvall), who wants to have a funeral party while he’s still alive.

Essentially, he wants to tell the people of the town the truth about his legend. The film also stars Sissy Spacek, Lucas Black, and Gerald McRaney.

Chandler Riggs Beyond The Walking Dead

Chandler Riggs | Photo Credit Daily Mail

Other than his reoccurring role on The Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs hasn’t done a ton of acting work at his young age. Since he just turned 18, he didn’t have much time outside of school and the series to take on new roles.

Now that it looks like his character is being killed off the show, he will likely appear in more and more shows and films. But for those who want to scroll back through time, there are other Chandler Riggs projects to watch.

Riggs’ first role was actually in 2006, where he played Egon in a movie called Jesus H. Zombie. Clearly, the movie didn’t have the appeal of The Walking Dead. Three years later, he landed the role of Tom in Get Low.

The Walking Dead geared up in 2010, but Riggs still landed a few roles in movies like The Wronged Man, Mercy, and Keep Watching. Later this year, he’ll be working on a film called Inherit the Viper.

Did you catch Chandler Riggs in this classic Bill Murray movie?

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