This Impulsive Rick Grimes Outrage Proves He Lost His Mind


On the latest episode of The Walking Dead, the episode starts out with Rick Grimes coming to Hilltop. When he gets there, he visits the graves of Glenn and Abraham. While talking to Daryl Dixon, he finally says he’s not doing well.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I’m okay,” said Rick Grimes to Daryl Dixon. Then, he clarified, “I’m going to be okay.” 

Clearly, he’s not okay. 

His son literally just died the night before and now he doesn’t have the moral compass to fight for.

This is why he didn’t signal anyone when he saw Negan and why he may eventually get himself killed.

Rick Grimes And His Growing Rage

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When the war started, Rick Grimes was so focused on killing Negan that he nearly got himself bit while firing on his enemy. Luckily, Father Gabriel calmed his rage and he eventually got away.

His emotional rage nearly got him killed and based on the Season 8, Episode 9 premiere, it could happen again. At the end of the mid-season premiere, Carl died, but Rick’s fate proved not to be too good either.

At the end of the episode, Rick was lying next to a tree, bleeding from the gut.

Making An Impulse Decision In War

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

During Daryl Dixon and Rick’s chat, the duo mentioned lookouts warning other lookouts with horns. When Rick Grimes saw Negan, he started to reach in and warn the others but then changed his mind.

When he saw that Negan’s car in the caravan was alone, he decided to act. It’s unclear why he didn’t signal and then chase, but it’s possible that he didn’t want to give away his position. After all, the spontaneous plan did work but he ran out of bullets once again (in a classic television scenario). Thanks to darkness and a horde of walkers, Negan got away once more, but his people are also turning on him.

Ironically, all of this happened because Rick went rogue. Hopefully, he will pull in the reigns soon. Otherwise, he’s just another man making mistakes amongst the living dead. And, as we know, mistakes get you killed.

Do you think Rick is going to get himself killed? What will this mean for the undead universe (read here)?

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