Will Rick Grimes Lose Control Of Rosita Before The War? Here’s What The Fans Are Saying…


Little Rose, Full Of Thorns

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In the midseason finale, after Rosita had finally seen enough, she took her shot at Negan and missed. This led to Eugene being taken hostage and Olivia being killed on Rick’s front porch.

Since Arat scarred her face and killed Olivia, Rosita has continued to play the grumpy role, despite Rick’s newfound optimism. She’s snapped at Sasha and mouthed off at just about everyone within Rick’s group.

At this point, in some ways, it would appear that she’s out of control. Afterall, Rosita means “rose” and Espinosa means “prickly,” so her name literally means “Little rose full of thorns.”

Rick Needs To Talk To Rosita

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It’s unclear why we haven’t seen a scene where Rick sat Carl and Rosita down for a talk. At this point, he understands where their heads are, but if people keep acting out of order, more will likely die.

Carl may listen to his father, but Rosita is somewhat of a child without a home at this point. She’s lost Abraham, Spencer, and temporarily lost Eugene. As of now, she really doesn’t have anyone on her side.

Given her bad attitude, she’s even argued with the ever-optimistic Tara.

Rosita’s Attitude Will Soon Harm Her

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Before the war begins, Rick and Rosita need to get on the same page. In “New Best Friends,” Rosita was the first one to start a fight when the Scavengers began to circle. Despite being heavily outnumbered, she head-butted one and hit another.

Aaron tried to stop her, which led to him getting hit in the head once again. Rosita wasn’t necessarily wrong, as Jadis did initiate a potential fight, but she clearly is using her rage versus his mind since Abraham’s death.

It’s understandable that she’s angry, but within this world, that will get her killed. Her attitude, in some ways, parallels with King’s speech with Benjamin at the beginning of the episode: knowing how to fight doesn’t mean you should.

As survivors, it’s all about power and responsibility. Rosita needs to learn that.

Do you think Rosita’s actions will continue to put others in harm?

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