Here’s Every Fan’s Prediction For Rick’s Reaction To [SPOILER] Death


Throughout the many phases of Rick Grimes, he had always been able to count on one constant: Carl Grimes. But after The Walking Dead’s shocking finale, it looks like we’re going to see Rick face his toughest battle yet.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick Grimes is the last one to make it back to Alexandria as the community burned to the ground. With the help of Michonne, he is escorted down into the sewers. There, he found that most of the Alexandrians are safe.

But when he makes it to the end of the line, he discovered the person that matters most to him is suffering from an injury.

Rick Grimes Didn’t Expect This From Carl

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More than likely, Carl Grimes suffered from a bite when he helped Saddiq. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple said there is even a moment where you can see Chandler Riggs’ reaction, but no one really picked up on the bite.

Essentially, Carl Grimes had been suffering from the bite for several episodes. With that in mind, when he told Negan to kill him, he wasn’t being ironic or pretending that he was ready to die. He was ready to die.

Either way, Rick Grimes is going to have to change.

The Only Thing To Change Is Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since Carl Grimes spent the last few episodes trying to be more of a humanitarian, it’s likely that Rick Grimes will follow a similar path. Throughout the mid-season finale, we even saw the two argue over hope for the future.

In order for the series to make Rick Grimes decide not to kill Negan, Carl Grimes had to die as a martyr. Now, Rick Grimes will have to figure out how to cope without his son, who has always been there for him.

Whenever Rick Grimes went too far one way or another, he could always rely on his son to level him out. Hopefully, Rick Grimes can find some comfort in Judith and Michonne, but Carl Grimes is the last piece of his former life (since Judith likely belongs to Shane Walsh).

More than likely, we’re going to see a touching finale for Carl Grimes. In fact, he could have a living funeral similar to Andrea in the comics. One way or another, this will led to Rick being more peaceful in the future.

How will this finale change your thoughts on the Old Man Rick scene?


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