Jep and Jessica: Growing The Dynasty

Jep and Jessica are about to release the second season of their Duck Dynasty spin-off, Jep and Jessica: Growing The Dynasty. The show follows the Duck Dynasty couple’s lives as they navigate the challenges of raising 5 children in Louisiana.

One notable thing about Jep and Jessica; They are so dang photogenic. Jessica could seriously be a model, and Jep isn’t sore on the eyes himself. Even their children are all drop dead gorgeous and adorable all rolled into one. Here are 6 pictures that prove this is the most photogenic of all the Duck Dynasty families.

They’re Always Red Carpet Ready

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Jessica loves to rock an old Hollywood classic red lip, and Jep looks suave in his suit. This couple always looks sharp at the various red carpet events they attend.

They’re Throwback Photos Are Adorable

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The couple married young, just a few months after meeting one another. Even in their teenage years they both looked stunning. Here we get a rare glimpse of Jep without the beard, and Jess with her youthful glow.

Flower Children

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Jess has an eye for great style, and she’s always dressing her family in perfectly matching outfits. The Robertson kids look so radiant here amidst the sunflowers. That sure is one good looking family.

Family Photo

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In their latest family photo the Robertsons look effortlessly casual and crisp. The new family of seven looks complete and content. Gus is so cute we just want to hug him. He’s the perfect addition to this darling family.

Wedding Drama

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Jess frequently shares wedding throwback photos. She and Jep look vintage and chic in their wedding outfits. This pair could not look cooler, more attractive, or more beautiful.

Do you agree? Are Jep and Jessica the most photogenic Duck Dynasty couple? Will you be watching Jep and Jessica: Growing The Dynasty?

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