Here’s Why You Should Have Been Listening To King Ezekiel’s Final Sentence… [SPOILER]


“Benjamin was the one who told me what I already knew, but couldn’t hear,” said King Ezekiel. “If you’re asked to be the hero, be the hero,” he added. Later in the episode, however, these words started to fade. With that in mind, it’s unclear what will happen to Benjamin’s brother Henry.

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For most of “Some Guy,” King Ezekiel is dealing with the loss of his people. At some points during the episode, however, we get to see a glimpse into the Kingdom moments before the big fight.

In the beginning of the episode, we catch up with Benjamin’s brother Henry.

Benjamin’s Brother Henry Looks Up To King

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“Fear not young Master, Henry,” said the King. “You need to be brave, because you are brave,” said the excited King. Before the fight, the leader of the Kingdommers is all smiles and all motivation.

After this touching moment with Henry, King Ezekiel address his people. In this moment, he wants to remind them that they’re fighting for their future. In this moment, he knows they could lose people, but their hope will fight forward.

When they get to the battlefield, things unfortunately change for the Kingdommers.

Losing Soldiers, Shiva, And Hope…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After King Ezekiel announces that they haven’t lost anyone in “Monsters,” he sees something in the distance. We now know that he saw the glimmer of a machine gun in a window.

In addition to losing all of his people, the King also starts to lose his mind. When Jerry calls him Majesty, it is the final straw. Now, he has lost his own legend. Then, he was forced to watch Shiva the tiger die in front of him.

As the episode ended, only three people survived. Jerry, Carol, and King Ezekiel came back into the Kingdom, covered in blood. This time, there was no one there to lift their spirits. There was no one there to help.

Henry approached King Ezekiel. The leader put his hand on the boy’s shoulder, but had nothing to say. With a limp, he headed off to be left with his thoughts. The only thing worse than losing all of these people is that now they’ve also lost their hope.

Hopefully, Jerry or Carol will step up to lead the Kingdom, but this lack of support could mean trouble for Benjamin’s brother Henry.

Do you think Jerry can lead the Kingdommers into the next battle?

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