FAN THEORY: Here’s What Could Happen To Maggie Greene In The Season 7B Premiere…


The Walking Dead Is Known For Epic Premiers

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Walking Dead has had some epic midseason premiers. Season 4’s “After” followed Rick and Carl after the prison riot. Season 3’s “The Suicide King” revealed Merle and Daryl’s fight for the Governor.

All the way back in Season 2, “Nebraska” revealed Hershel’s drinking problem and a near death experience for he and Rick. When “Rock in the Road” hits in Season 7B, it’s likely to bring a storm with it.

After Season 7, it’s possible this could affect Maggie Greene more than anyone else.

Maggie’s Time Of Mourning

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Back when Lori Grimes was pregnant, the series shot forward eight months when they reached the prison. There’s no sign of a fast-forward happening anytime soon, but Maggie is pregnant and mourning the loss of her husband.

In the final moments of Season 7A, Maggie Greene was wearing gloves like Abraham and a hat like Glenn wore in the first season. While she showed her ability to fight with the tractor and walker attack already, it’s unclear when she may lose it again.

Will she become as sad and docile as Rick did when Lori died?

Maggie Has Lost Everything, But…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick answered mysterious phone calls during the prison when he died. It’s possible he had a version of the flu, but he couldn’t control his mourning. Maggie has now lost her entire blood family, so she will likely lose her strength soon.

When the show premiers, it’s likely that Rick will be uniting the communities. Maggie will need to talk Gregory into inspiring the Hilltop natives to fight, but it’s unlikely that he will do so.

Will Maggie Greene be strong enough to lead Hilltop despite her sadness for Glenn?

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