Kaley Cuoco hosted the People’s Choice Awards back in 2012, and it was probably the most awkward piece of television ever filmed. Kaley broke the fourth wall, acted as Penny, and made jabs at Neil Patrick Harris. Do you remember this cringe-inducing night?

Kaley hosted the People’s Choice Awards back in 2012. This was pre-marriage, pre-divorce, pre-hair chop, and pre Kaley Cuoco gaining major confidence. It seems like back then Kaley didn’t have the same independent voice she has today.

We came to that conclusion after watching the opening sequence. The show’s directors decided to begin Kaley’s stunt at hosting by putting her in Big Bang Theory world as Penny. The Big Bang gang are seen all hanging in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment getting ready to watch the PCA’s. 

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Yes, this probably seemed like a good idea. Of course, The Big Bang Theory is the number one show in comedy and has millions of fans. And yes, the scene was pretty funny, with Sheldon mocking the idea of an award show, Howard and Bernadette imitating Mrs. Wolowitz and Penny being hired as a seat filler.

However, when the bit ended, it seemed like Kaley was still channeling Penny as she spoke to Betty White about her job offer. It left us unsure if we were supposed to watch the entire award show as if Penny were hosting. Kaley needed to make a clear cut from her character, and host in her own unique way.

Neil Patrick Harris Jokes

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Kaley also made herself seem like she needed help by constantly referencing Neil Patrick Harris. Neil is a seasoned award-show-hosting pro, and by constantly referring to him and even walking over to talk to him, Kaley only pointed out her lack of experience and track record.

We will admit, Kaley had a few funny and genuine moments, but bringing in a fake studio audience to laugh at her made it seem like she didn’t believe she’d be able to deliver real jokes.

We’d love Kaley Cuoco to have a re-do and host next year’s People’s Choice Awards with her new found confidence.

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