Why Does Rick Grimes Still Give Jadis The Guns?


Rick And Michonne’s Gun Carnival

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After Rick and Michonne found a carnival full of games, it certainly seemed like they were on “Easy Street.” Like any task in the undead world, however, nothing is as easy as it seems. For some reason, Jadis said the sixty-plus guns weren’t enough.

Rick arrived to meet his new allies with 63 guns, but Jadis said her group needed “twice that” in her broken English. The audience and Rosita felt like Rick had enough guns, but he decided to keep a few for his group and give about 50 to Jadis.

It’s a little alarming that Rick gave so many guns to this new group, seeing as they haven’t done anything for Rick and they also captured Father Gabriel.

EP Greg Nicotero On Rick’s Mindset

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Greg Nicotero spoke with Comic Book about Rick’s dilemma to give up the guns. “Well, it’s not just the guns, they need people,” said the Executive Producer. “The reason that Rick smiled at the end of episode nine was he saw soldiers.”

The EP continued, “He’s recruiting an army, and when he went to the Kingdom, and then he met the people at the heaps, as far as he’s concerned, he needs numbers. Negan’s got a lot of people [so] it’s not just about guns. It’s about building an army, and that’s what Rick is doing.”

Rick Grimes’ smile signaled he saw them as allies from the start.

Rick Grimes Optimistic About Soldiers

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The leader of Alexandria seems optimistic about the Heapsters, despite their oddness and lack of action thus far. Perhaps just standing behind him with guns will be enough for Rick Grimes, as the false army behind Matthew McConaughey’s character Newton Knight in Free State of Jones.

Rick’s only real option is to create an army or create the illusion of an army. He must see how odd the Heapsters are, but odd isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as they show up on the day of the first battle.

Do you think the Heapsters will show up for Rick Grimes?

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