Walking Dead Responds To The “Blatant Error” In Last Episode Thousands Of Fans Spotted


Fans Noticed Blatant Error On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

With 17 million eyes watching (and more online), The Walking Dead is going to make some mistakes, and they’re going to get noticed. Last year, one such mistake was the fake background at Hilltop. Another blatant error revolved around Carl.

During more than one scene, actor Chandler Riggs held up his gun to the wrong eye. Now, usually this wouldn’t (if the character left-handed and the actor right-handed), but Carl Grimes has a patch over his eye.

During the Oceanside raid, Chander Riggs used his patch as his dominate scope eye.

Negan Proved There’s Nothing Under Patch

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In last season’s “Sing Me A Song,” it was clear that there is nothing there but scarring. With that in mind, there’s no possible chance he could use this missing eye socket to look down a scope.

We all know that Carl Grimes is a killer shot, but that doesn’t mean he can do it blindly. Perhaps he’s using his other eye for balance, but we know he’s got depth perception issues when throwing darts.

So how did The Walking Dead address this issue?

EP David Alpert Responds To Carl’s Scope

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

One fan tweeted, “This episode has me confused. Why is Carl aiming/holding the gun to his patched eye?” Another added, “Carl must be a terrible shot with that eye,” in regards to the apparent mistake.

Executive Producer David Alpert finally waded into the debate, but his answer wasn’t enough for most fans. Basically, at a comic con event, Alpert flat-out denied that Chandler Riggs was shooting with the wrong eye.

“I don’t think he is, but it’s pretty funny,” said Alpert. “I definitely heard that, and I’m sort of like, ‘Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense.’ But it’s kind of funny.” Alpert is not looking at the same footage as everyone else

Since these were all action scenes, it’s likely Chandler Riggs just made a mistake and no one noticed on set. Now, there’s nothing they can say or do. Hopefully, he’ll correct the issue in Season 8 or else Carl Grimes might get shot.

What do you think of this hilarious mistake on The Walking Dead?

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