The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Reveals What’s Next For Maggie


After the death of her husband, Glenn, Maggie Rhee is going to be taking on some bigger responsibilities, according to actress Lauren Cohan.

The Survivors

In a recent episode of The Walking Dead, we finally caught up with Maggie and Sasha. Of all the survivors present for Glenn and Abraham’s deaths, Maggie was by far the most defiant. When she woke up in the Hilltop, she took time to grieve, but also stepped up in a big way. She led the residents against the walkers let in by the Saviors, and confronted Gregory later in the episode.

Entertainment Weekly talked to actress Lauren Cohan about Maggie’s changes in the episode and what we’ll see next.

Big Shoes to Fill

Gregory and Maggie on AMC's The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

“Generally, the punch she gave Gregory is probably a taste of what’s to come,” says Cohan. “We will see more of that in Maggie. And then on an emotional level, we see this girl with responsibility to others who’s trying to live up to the people she learned from.

Glenn is gone and Hershel is gone, and she’s sort of just trying to do what they would have expected, and what they taught her to do, and what they learned, and what she learned with them. So, those are the shoes she’s stepping into now as she guides people that need her. Everybody’s got jobs to do and she’s stepping into those shoes.

Parallel Courses

The episode also featured a deepening of the friendship between Maggie and Sasha. For Cohan, it was a welcome change. “It was so awesome,” she says. “I mean, I just love Sonequa so much and we’ve been so close forever off set, and not had as many scenes together, but what’s really cool to see — and for audiences to see — is that they’ve had this parallel journey in her losing Bob and then her losing Tyreese and then in her losing Abraham.

And they’re just sort of these sisters on the same journey knowing what they need, knowing how to give the other person what they need. Just thinking back to the railroad tracks with the three of them when they were with Bob and looking for Glenn, we’ve sort of seen the relationship. Occasionally we’ve refocused on that relationship and it’s awesome. I love working with Sonequa.”

We’re sure to see more of Maggie and Sasha later in the season as Maggie continues her new path toward leadership. But the question is, will they remain allies?


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