This Is The Biggest Question On The Walking Dead After The Midseason Finale


Things are getting complicated on The Walking Dead. In the past few episodes, Rick Grimes has killed Baby Gracie’s father, fought his best friend Daryl Dixon, and wrestled a walker in his underwear. Now, he’s been double-crossed again.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Last season, Jadis and the Scavengers metaphorically stabbed Rick Grimes in the back and literally shot him in the gut. Now, while he was on a mission, Daryl Dixon went against his orders and potentially ruined his plan for Negan’s war.

Now, Michonne, Carl Grimes, and everyone at Alexandria are in danger.

Rick Grimes Changes His Stance Once More

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The major debate on The Walking Dead is what to do with those Saviors who surrender. The argument began with Tara and Jesus but got physical when Rick and Daryl got into a fight.

Except for Jesus, Rick Grimes seems to be the only one who wants to protect those who surrender. His battle opinion didn’t begin this way, but it has certainly shifted thanks to seeing Morales and Baby Gracie.

Even Maggie Greene is ready to kill all of the prisoners at Hilltop.

Drastic Decisions On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In order for your opinion to matter on The Walking Dead, it seems like you must be extreme. Back when the prison suffered from the flu, Carol went out of her way to destroy those who put the others at risk.

Today, that has become common practice. Within Rick Grimes, his views have changed over the years. He’s gone from a Sheriff to a father to a killer to a leader and various spots in between.

Now, it would appear that Rick Grimes is settling on peace. Except for Jesus, Carl Grimes, and surprisingly Rosita, Rick Grimes is alone with his thoughts. But, he’s going to have to make some vast decisions when he gets back to Alexandria.

In order to keep the peace, Rick is also going to have to reprehend Daryl Dixon. This could mean jail, banishment, or something worse.

What do you think Rick Grimes is going to do to Daryl Dixon for this betrayal?

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