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Image result for tbbt insultsphoto by wifflegif.com The Big Bang Theory is known for a script filled with sharp on-liners and quick thinking insults. These characters love to one-up each other and flex their brain muscles. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best TBBT insults ever. Here we go…

Sheldon Explains Trash Talk

The first time Sheldon explains trash talk to his friends he is in the presence of rival, Kripke. He chooses his words carefully, and calculates his next move. He sticks to the science…but then can’t help but go for the “your mama” jokes.

The Ladies Get Involved

Amy Bernadette and Penny are thick as thieves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take a jab at each other sometimes. Bernadette got particularly fired up and took a stab at Amy and Sheldon’s sex life. This crazy insult left everyone speechless..except for Penny who had one choice word to say.

The Subtle Burn

Not all of the TBBT insults are blatantly obvious. When Zach, Penny’s on and off again fling, gets involved the men of TBBT can’t help but throw in some subtle jabs. In this clip in particular Zach wants to “talk science” with “the science dudes.” Howard can’t help himself by asking “what do you want to talk about…rocks? dinosaurs? Our friend the beaver?”

Professor Proton

Sheldon finally became friends with his childhood idol Professor Proton. There are two insults in one here. Sheldon is quintessential Sheldon by accidentally insulting Professor Proton and telling him most people think he’s washed up. Sheldon then forced Professor Proton to tell him he is annoying in a quest for closure. It’s all very classic BBT and we can’t get enough.

Penny Gets Raj

There’s an awkward situation here when Leonard expects Penny to pay for pizza now that the two of them are broken up. Raj whispers in Howard’s ear that if he had lady parts he’d eat free for the rest of his life. Penny is nothing without her quick whit, and throws back, “yeah but you wouldn’t be able to talk to yourself.”

What are your favorite TBBT insults?


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