This New Carl Grimes Scene Made TWD Director Greg Nicotero Cry


Fans should be getting used to having their metaphorical guts ripped out with every new season of The Walking Dead. But knowing that Carl Grimes is likely going to die is a new feeling all-together. Luckily, Greg Nicotero is equally upset about the episode. 

Unlike Glenn and Abraham’s horrific deaths, which were at least ripped off like a band-aid, we know Carl Grimes is going to die. All of the great fan theories aside, it just doesn’t look like there’s any way around it.

This also got to director Greg Nicotero. “I think it’s one of our most powerful episodes we’ve ever produced.”

Greg Nicotero Cried During The Walking Dead Final Cut

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The rumor is that Carl Grimes is going to have somewhat of a living funeral in the 90-minute episode. “When I watched the first cut of this episode, tears were coming out of my eyes 20 minutes into it,” said Greg Nicotero.

The special effects expert turned director compared it to “What Happened and What’s Going On” back in Season 5. In that episode, Tyreese was bitten and slowly died over the course of the episode.

“I would compare this episode very much to the episode with Chad Coleman in terms of really having some space to breathe with these characters as they process what happened,” added the director.

Basically, it’s going to be gut-wrenching for everyone involved.

Giving The Actors A Glorified Swan Song

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Greg Nicotero has essentially become the go-to for premieres and finales. “It’s never easy,” he said about filming all of these death scenes. Most importantly, he always wants to make sure he gives the actor their time to shine, especially if they’re about to be written off the show.

“It’s never easy because you can never really understand what they’re going through. There’s never really anything you can say that will make them feel better. You just really, really want to make sure that they have an opportunity to show people what their character was made of,” said Nicotero.

“Between Michael Rooker and Chad Coleman and Sonequa [Martin-Green] and the people that have brought so much to the show, it’s really making sure I honor them and give them that opportunity,” he concluded.

Do you think there’s any chance Carl Grimes will pull out of this death scene?


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