The Robertsons are a family known for their outspokenness and steadfast Christian faith. They also tend to portray a unified front when it comes to beliefs and family values. However, it seems perhaps the families are starting to disagree when it comes to political matters…

Phil Robertson Endorses Roy Moore

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Phil Robertson recently made media waves when he endorsed republican senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama. Moore is known as the “ten commandments” judge after hanging a plaque with the bible verses on his courtroom doors. Phil said, “I have been an admirer for some time of Judge Roy Moore… He judged with a good understanding of the Constitution and the law, but he also understands natural law and who gave us our rights to begin with, Almighty God.”

Moore is known for his Christian Conservative views and received quite a bit of scrutiny in 2016 when he directed probate judges not to give marriage licenses to same sex couples. Phil Robertson had his own scandal in 2013 when he equated gay sex to beastiality in GQ magazine.

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Phil isn’t the only Robertson speaking up about politics this month. However, Korie Robertsons’ most recent political statement seems to go against the Republican party in some ways. Korie gave a very compelling interview with CNN. She spoke about President Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville. Korie said she “can’t defend” President Trumps words, and also admitted she would have never have voted for him if she had thought he was racist.

Divided Lines

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This isn’t the first time the Robertson family has disagreed about politics. Phil Robertson initially endorsed Ted Cruz in the 2016 Presidential primary, before inevitably switching his alliance to Trump and his younger son.

Korie also alluded to disagreements in the family when she said, “Willie was outspoken and supported Trump from the beginning; and I was not. So we had a lot of discussions about it. And we could agree to disagree, as well.”

We would certainly love to hear the dinner conversation in the Robertson’s household come November. Do you think Willie will make any sort of public endorsement this cycle?

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