Fans Think They Finally Figured Out Why This [SPOILER] Happened… It’s Big


After a drawn-out confession, Negan and Father Gabriel cover themselves in walker guts. Once ready to blend in, the duo makes some noise and opens the door to the trailer. Like the end of World War Z, the walkers approach and can’t sense them.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

As the two waited for the trailer to fill with walkers, they slowly exited the trailer. Still covered in walker guts, the slowly began to move through the crowd. Negan held Lucille as Gabriel held his gun at his chest.

But something made the walkers turn on the two.

Father Gabriel And Negan Try To Escape

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Gabriel tripped over a walker and fell to the ground. However, this isn’t enough to make them turn on him. Regardless, the walkers turned on the two and started to come after them.

Luckily, Negan decided to take action and killed a walker with Lucille. Then, Father Gabriel started shooting and took out a few more walkers. After they killed a handful, the duo pushed their way through to the door.

At the door, however, they ran into another obstacle. Walkers fell off of the loading dock and onto the top of them.

Bitten Or Something Else For The Priest?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Regardless of how they made it inside, Father Gabriel and Negan did make their way inside. On the inside of the Sanctuary, Negan whistled to signal that he was back and his troops kneeled to their leader.

In addition to their welcoming, we notice that Father Gabriel gets sick. It’s possible that Father Gabriel was bitten during their walk. If this is true, the fresh blood would have caused the walkers to turn and come after him.

Another possibility for Father Gabriel getting sick is the nearby chemicals we saw from the scene where Shiva died. In the woods, there were chemicals in the stream nearby the Sanctuary.

It’s likely that these walkers are getting into the chemicals and getting too lose to Father Gabriel could have given him radiation poisoning.

Do you think Father Gabriel was bitten or suffering from radiation?

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