There’s Only One Way Rick Grimes Will Get Out TWD Season 9 Alive


Recently, various sources confirmed that Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) plans to leave The Walking Dead after next season.There’s limited information as to why the actor is leaving, but that hasn’t stopped fans from making wild predictions about the actor’s exit. Assuming he doesn’t die, there’s only way he can get out alive.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This is especially upsetting for fans who have (a.) been watching the show since 2010, and (b.) thinking Carl Grimes dies for a future utopia. Since it doesn’t sound the show is about to end, it sounds like Rick Grimes is going to die. But, since the writers keep saying, “exit,” rather than death, there could be an unusual out.

Rick Grimes could simply walk off into the sunset next season, but several things will have to happen in order for our hero to live.

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