The Walking Dead Will Address Jon Bernthal Return At Comic Con

Shane Walsh comes back from the dead...


Somehow, The Walking Dead plans to bring back Jon Bernthal character from beyond the grave. Back in Season 2, Rick Grimes had to kill his best friend Shane Walsh, because they had diversely different views on leadership (and who should be with Lori Grimes during the apocalypse).

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After Jon Bernthal was spotted near the set with Andrew Lincoln, various sources indicated that the actor would reprise his role. It’s unclear how the role will come about, but fans should learn more information after Comic Con. Unless the show does something insane (like an alternate timeline), however, it will likely be a flashback.

The main reason for Shane Walsh coming back to The Walking Dead is likely for him to say goodbye to Rick Grimes and perhaps Maggie Rhee.

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