Yes, we’ve gotten to the point in our society where it’s acceptable for grown men to wear rompers. And one man recently put the RompHim to the test (note: video below is NSFW).

This man (QPark on YouTube) walks through parts of New York City — Harlem, Washington Heights, and Times Square — wearing a romper just to see how people would react.

People’s reactions ranged from a polite “That’s a nice romper” to folks jumping and screaming out of excitement to taking pictures with QPark.

He then goes into a barber shop — and he gets torn apart. Here are some of the remarks he got once he entered the shop.

“A real man doesn’t wear that.”

“What are you wearing? What type of clothes is that?”

“Look how stupid you look!”

“From what planet to you come out of?”

Ultimately, they pretty much rejected his request to get a haircut through their laughter.

This man dared to walk around New York City in a romper (photo via YouTube)

Surprisingly though, a lot of people who talked to him said they love the romper, a piece of clothing only worn by women and small children up until this summer. One man showed actual interest in it, asking what the material was and if it breathed well in hot weather.

“I like that,” the man said. “That’s very cool!”

QPark also stopped and talked to some police officers.

“Excuse me,” he says to a few officers. “Can I ask you an important question? Where do they sell men’s rompers around here?”

Without missing a beat, one of the officers retorted, “Let me ask you a question. Where did you get THAT men’s romper?”

They had a laugh about it.

But QPark is not the first to test out a romper for men. A redneck reviewed the RompHim in a hilarious Facebook video.

“Before you go judging anybody, you should try one on,” the redneck says. “This thing right here is like the Swiss army knife of clothing, alright?”

Hopefully, rompers for men go out of style just as quickly as they came into style.

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